TDG Architects prides itself on keeping on the leading edge of training and technology and see this as its edge. In the design and construction field we see technology as the way to bring real value to a project and its stakeholders. With the use of state of the art computers, communications and design software we are able to efficiently explore a design and present it from and to anywhere in the world. Being one of the only firms to exclusively use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for almost 4 years now, we have set the pace as far as time, cost, accuracy, presentation quality and collaboration with consultants around the world using BIM software. Our software also allows us the capability to conduct energy audits of our 3D models forecasting the amount of energy a design can save or lose before construction even begins. Leading our technology drive is Ian Davis our company's lead Technician. With formal architectural training and over 15 years in the industry Davis has kept TDG Architects ahead of the entire country technologically.

We take our technology a step further with the use of tablet devices for site supervision, client meetings in office and in the field and wireless presentations showcasing our 3D capabilities. TDG Architects has also invested in the office infrastructure for maximum presentation flexibility making any office a conference room. Video conferencing and distance training is a breeze and our clients benefit 100%. Our philosophy is to never get comfortable and always invest in efficiency through our Technology.